Monday, May 3, 2010

Pure DTM Glory

BMW pretty much dominated DTM throughout the late 80's onto the early 90's with the E30 M3 up against the Mercedes 190E Cosworth and Alfas and Ford Sierras. However, after the early 1990's and the switch to the E36 platform for the 3 Series BMW withdrew from DTM eventually only leaving Mercedes and Audi to duke it out. However, many would argue that the period of BMW's involvement was the heyday of DTM - a time when, from what videos reveal, drivers had absolutely no regard for anyone else on the track much less the mechanics who worked to set up the car!

To celebrate news that BMW is coming back to DTM in 2012 Jalopnik posted this now somewhat old and well-exposed video but its a great video to see true paint-swapping, sparkshooting, Teutonic craziness. Also - this music is off the chain.

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