Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sir Jackie

I've hit upon BMW M3's (probably way too much) lately so its time for something a little different.

After watching the Spanish Grand Prix today, I decided to pick up reading my copy of Winning Isn't Enough - Jackie Stewart's autobiography. It is fairly interesting read if not a bit long for all that he goes into about his career. He spends quite a lot of time focused on the early 1970's when Tyrrell was at its peak with the 005/006 chassis and Francois Cervert as his protege. I found this video I'd never come across before about those times(plus his win at the Nurburgring in '68 with a 4 minute lead and speedy tour of Monaco). There are also some cool voice overlays by Sean Connery and Murray Walker.

This clip is very short but, interestingly, Jackie mentioned this interview in his autobiography. According to the book, Senna was so mad after the interview that he told Jackie to not bother asking for another interview again because Ayrton wasn't going to speak him again. Ironically, a few years later Senna reached out to Jackie as he felt that safety needed to be improved in Grand Prix racing. Shortly after that - 16 years ago this month - Senna would become the last casualty of Formula One. It's great to see two men who changed the face of the sport in their respective times in an interview together.

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