Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RUF Yellowbird Storms the Nurburgring

Running a modified 3.2L flat-6 tuned to 469HP, lightened body and revised gear box - the 1987 Ruf CTR was all balls. It was affectionately nicknamed the Yellowbird - and it set all sorts of top speed records and managed to show up the ultimate production Porsche of the time: 959 with its lowly 444HP.

Here we see what happens when Ruf decides to take its ultimate car of the 1980's and put it around the ultimate track of all time: der Nurburgring. Enjoy the full tail-out joy of a light weight, near 500HP, rear wheel drive Porsche.

(Sorry for the poor quality - this has been on the net for a while and is a recording of the original VHS of the lap that was released by Ruf)

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