Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heir Lauda

The boys of Axis of Oversteer posted up their recap to the 2010 Chinese Grand Prix which was won by comeback story of the decade Jenson Button. Axis compared Button to one of my favorite Formula One drivers of all time, Niki Lauda. However, I disagree with them - Lauda was way more bad ass than Britian's newest favorite - though I agree to some parallels in their style of driving.

Lauda was the guy who told THE Enzo Ferrari that his race car was a "piece of shit" but he would help him sort it out because he's a nice guy like that. Lauda's also the guy that nearly died in a horrible accident at the Nurburgring in '76 then came back from death's door to get back in a car 6 weeks later and still remain competitive for the World Championship right up until the last laps of the last race at Fuji. Oh yeah, he also quit for 3 years, came back and ended up winning a championship in his 3rd year back in 1984. Check out the tribute below to the "Super Rat"- once you skip passed the Sade music. Before that is a tribute by Murray Walker for Lauda during his first retirement.

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  1. The first I ever heard of F1 was when my Dad told me about Niki Lauda. I was probably 7 or 8 growing up in Nairobi...and I saw the footage of his crash on tv, albeit 10 years later.

    Any guy who starts an airline, and decides to win a world championship in order to fund it is legendary in my book.