Monday, August 17, 2009

Worst. Text. Message. Ever.

Sebastian Bourdais is an accomplished racer. Coming from a strong career in the Champ Car Series he came highly recommended for the European series such as Le Mans and even Formula One. Debuting with the Toro Rosso team - the Ferrari-engined Red Bull cars. For Le Mans, 2009 showed Bourdais an incredible finish in second place in his second year at the helm of Peugeot 908HDi. So, he has a very impressive career.

Except in Formula One. Heralded as one of the drivers to beat in 2008, the year of his debut, Bourdais has had lackluster results to date only having placed 7th. However, many will claim that the Toro Rosso team is the "second tier" team of the overall Red Bull group with most of the support going to Webber and Vettel on the "tier one" team running the Renault engines. While that may be blatantly obvious to everyone, Bourdais has still gotten the axe. But that's not the worst part. How did he find out that his multi-million dollar contract with the Red Bull team?

Through a text message.

That's right, through a regular old SMS text message from Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz at ol' Dietrich just couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and let one of his top 4 drivers that they were splitting ways. What's next for Bourdais? We're not quite sure which series we'll find him in but hopefully he doesn't get dumped again like someone's high school boyfriend.


  1. just for the record, Red Bull denied Bourdais was fired this way.

  2. True - but wouldn't they deny that to cover the back of their owner? Just playing devil's advocate!