Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Good Ole Days of BMW in F1

With BMW pulling out of Formula One, we thought we'd take a look at BMW's past endeavor into Formula One.

It's the early 1980's, pastel suits haven't yet come into fashion and BMW has teamed Brabham, who supplied a the chassis, to create what started as a shaky F1 team into a World Champion. With Nelson Piquet and Ricardo Patrese as drivers in the BT-5X cars powered by the 4-cylinder BMW M10 engine. The M10 had been around for nearly 26 years at that point and gone from 75HP in the BMW 1600's to pushing out close to 1,500HP once turbocharged. In 1983, after the age of ground effects has just disappeared and the arrow-shaped Brabham BMW of Nelson Piquet proved nearly unbeatable.

The video below covers BMW Motorsport as a whole but has a heavy focus on the early 80's in Formula One - so enjoy it and relish in BMW's better years of racing! Also be sure to check out the other videos that are a continuation of this one after part I is complete.

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