Monday, April 25, 2011

Mk I Ford Escort Rebuilt - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Of all places, a British Ford Escort Mk I of rallying lore has turned up in Abu Dhabi for a quick restoration. Though, the quick restoration has turned into a 3 year project - it looks like things are going quite well. So far, the major upgrades are a full cage, a replacement 2,000cc Ford Duratec 4 cylinder and the deletion of leaf springs - all for good cause!

If the upgrades aren't enough for you - then hopefully the period orange will push you over the edge.


  1. Wow, that car is looking great the Mk1 Escort is such an iconic car. I am glad someone has decided to breath new life into it.

  2. This classic Ford Escort is gorgeous! Love the bright and festive orange color too.

  3. Yes indeed this car was cool and I love the front style of it!

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  4. This definitely looks stronger and better. Color is also a bit trendy.

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