Saturday, September 5, 2009

Block vs. Dyrdek: Biggie Smalls Edition

As we've shown you, big man at DC Shoes Ken Block has already demonstrated the abilities of the 2009 rally-prepped Subaru STi around the airbase that is his test track.

In this clip we see Ken Block, in his prepped STi again, going head to head with his mini marketing machine and skate pro Rob Dyrdek, in his own prepped STi...kinda. This is a quick video showing off the Gymkhana drifting skills of the duo in it's own unique style. Being a fan of the show Rob and Big, I can't say this surprises me to see some of the risk they're taking in the video, then again, the use of the Benny Hill theme song makes it all worth while.

Be sure to watch around the 1:30 mark for the incredible change of direction Block makes with his STi around the cones - then compare it to Rob's attempt.

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