Monday, July 6, 2009

Ken Block terrifies James May in the new Scubbie STi

Top Gear's James May is a lucky man. Yes, he's the butt of practically every other joke by Clarkson and Hammond and yes, he's Captain Slow for a reason. But when it comes to features regarding famous racers, Capt'n Slow runs with the fastest of the fast. A few seasons ago, May spent a day with F1 legend Jackie Stewart in a TVR learning how to drive properly quick. Last season, Mr. May was then taught my double World Champion Mika Hakkinen how to go off-roading in a beat up old Volvo against a couple of children and the elderly across Finland.

However, May tops it all in the piece where he gets to play passenger to Ken Block in the all-new Subaru STi rally car. Block, an uber accomplished rally driver and businessman, proceeds to careen around a airliner junkyard. How does J.May take the excursion? Check it out via the high-def feed below.

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